Updated May 2017

  • New Course Approval - CCLP/ECP1  
  • Basic Gas Course - Update to Managed Learning Programme
  • KANE 456/457/8 flue gas analyser
  • SMART Metering employment opportunities
  • Reuben Smith voted Chairman of GILG

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News Update

CCLP/EPC1 - New Course Approval

Together with Logic Certification, SWAT Gas have been approved to provide courses in CCLP/EPC1 (LPG External Pipework Connection). We are offering this course within our LPG courses available as of May 2017.

This course gives insight into bulk tank and external pipework instillations and can be completed with a VESSLP 1 & 2 to enable the installation and commisioning of bulk tanks within both domestic and commercial properties.


Basic Gas Course - Update to Managed Learning Programme

From 1st October 2017 all new entrant courses (like our Basic Gas Course) will be required to comply with IGEUP1 (Standards of Gas Training) as part of an approved Managed Learning Programme to follow the new EU Skills directive. There will be significant changes to course content as the new regulations require inclusion of matters additional to gas safety for example:


Safe Electrical Isolation
Health and Safety
Heating Design
Basic Plumbing

This will increase the course duration to at least 4 x 5 days blocks here (dependant upong experience)

Candidates will still be required to hold sufficient work experience alongside a Gas Safe registered engineer or hold relevent qualifications to be eligable to undertake any new entrent course and upon successful completion will still be required to proceed into an ACS qualification.

The new requirments will see New Entrent Gas Courses gain a strengthened credibility within the trade as the additional elements will help the course become a robust alternative to a NVQ.

This course is now available  - SWAT Gas Services is the First Centre in the UK to be issued approval by LOGIC Certification, demostrating our both SWAT & LOGIC's committment to provide the best service possible in training & assessment industry.

KANE 457 flue gas analyser

As more responsibility regarding the accurate measurement of potentially harmful gases within the atmosphere falls to the registered engineer, KANE have released their latest analyser, the KANE 457.

swatgas-kane-457-flue-gas-analysisThis is a useful piece of kit for the domestic and commercial engineer.  It not only allows for Flue Gas Analysis on Gas, Oil & Wood Pellets, but also provides the ability for direct measurement of CARBON DIOXIDE and CARBON MONOXIDE within the room atmosphere, to allow for the effective monitoring of and to determine build up of CO2 prior to the potential production of the deadly CO.
The kit is especially useful for those who are completing the CMDDA1 or anyone responsible for testing atmospheres for the presence of CO2, such as commercial heating or commercial catering engineers.
The KANE 457 flue gas analyser is now available and we have one at SWAT Gas that we are using regularly if you would like to see it in action.  We also offer the CMDDA1 assessment.

We can also supply and support all other KANE products, including the 456 and 458 - both of whichi are the latest innovations in the Flue Gas Analyser market and ideal for domestic and commercial gas and multifuel engineers.


SMART Metering employment opportunities

Following on from directives of the EU, the UK government is pushing ahead with the introduction of SMART Meters for all domestic properties.  These meters will allow for ‘real time’ communication of both Gas and Electric consumption using a wireless network from the customer’s premises back to the energy provider. 

swatgas-gas-meterThe meter will allow both the householder and the energy provider to monitor consumption accurately and hopefully become more efficient in the use of energy day to day.
The meter will effectively remove the need for meter readers as it will provide its’ own data to the network, and even allows the provider to cease the supply of fuel remotely.  Although the meters will share the same mechanics as traditional meters, the addition of the wireless function and the ability to communicate with the electric meter and a remote interface will require replacement of the existing equipment in all domestic properties.  The gas industry is bracing itself for a huge demand for people with the correct skills to complete this work in the short timescale proposed.

SWAT Gas to Chair GILG

SWAT Gas Service director Reuben Smith, has been appointed chairperson of the Gas Industry Liason Group.  The GILG aim is to give installars and other interested parties a direct an effective input into the gas industry, with particular emphasis on assessments and training issues. 

This feedback and input is vital in order to ensure that the training and assessment process remains valid and useful to engineers and gas consumers.

Membership of the GILG is open to all installers and SWAT Gas Services is committed to ensuring that we give our customers representation at the highest level in the industry.